Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Listening to: Brain Salad Surgery.

The Coast Salish are referenced in the movie Black Widow.

Another cover- Lena Lovich: "I Think We're Alone Now" (in Japanese).

A comment my computer wouldn't let me post:

as one who selfpublished for years & also put out a zine, i know that the main difficulty is actually not finances but distribution. how many times have i been told a bookstore won't stock my book because "it didn't have a spine" or an ISBN number? (since when did Bowker become God?) i'm afraid those bloggers who haven't been through small-press hell can afford to be skeptical about this new medium, but to zinesters of old (i.e. the 80's) the Internet has been an improvement in every respect.

on the theoretical level, i also approve of the obliteration of the distinction between "published" & "unpublished" this tends to foment. such distinctions nilpertain READING anyway--they're more about the snobbery of Who's In & Who's out. and i don't see why it won't erode as well the whole Romantic identity of The Poet (along with every other form of irreducible selfhood) which is not a bad thing either: "The Poet" having become the principal commodity of poetry-writers, we will have to start doing SOMETHING ELSE for OURSELVES (poetics, anyone?).

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