Tuesday, August 03, 2004

"We might feel that pan-Maya ideologies are, in a strict sense, "invented traditions" based on imaginary reconstructions of past culture, but it is not easy to dismiss them as "inauthentic" if they are capturing the imaginations of large numbers of people and becoming their cultural traditions as far as they are concerned." --John Gledhill

"Smart" movies for stupid people: American Beauty, The Usual Suspects, Memento.

A different list of song covers at Mosses from an Old Manse.

Paintings by a Synaesthete. (via Metafilter)

"The entire queue/
clapped, and proclaimed as one: "You is Da Man! "

"The grounds keeper apologized profusely but said that they were bringing in an average of almost 100 bodies a month this year to his graveyard alone- where was he supposed to bury the bodies?"

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