Friday, September 03, 2004

Listening to- Fats Waller ("Giants of Jazz" boxed set).

Lethal Memes.

"...what if, say, IPods could mate with one another?" --Raccoon

"And, as I think of it, a human mind could, and should go through
just such a ransacking, occasionally; for you don't know half of
what an accumulation of rubbish is kicking about, in its dark, musty
corridors. Old fashions in thoughts; bigotry; vanity; all lying
stagnant. So why not drag out and sort all that stuff, discarding
all which is of no valuation?" --Gadsby

"On Olive Waters Askew"

Through waxen window, Mercury in retrograde;
Stares Quasimodo, Mercury in retrograde.

We sterve within craptacular weather Reason's made
Its very shadow, Mercury in retrograde.

Unfolds the Dance of Death--& strung through it renegade
One loco torpedo, Mercury in retrograde.

Graywyvern was by Stego tracks & slub betrayed,
No desperado: Mercury in retrograde.

08 31 04

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