Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Can it really be the only things that matter are our differences?

The Harry Smith of Nintendo.

From the Wikipedia entry on "Anunnaki" i learned that Icke's invading reptilian aliens are from "the constellation Draco". Which known exoplanets might that be? (Never mind obvious candidates like Sigma--) There's TrES-2 at 718 light years, the subgiants Iota (Edasich or Eldsich) at 103 light years and HD 167042 at 163 light years, and HD 104984 at 332.5 light years, also a subgiant. Not to mention the interesting binaries μ & 26, as well as the "61 Cygni twin" ADS11632 (Σ2398). Personally, i like Thuban, because of the Egyptian connection--but if there's anything living there, it came from somewhere else.

We all earned the puppy.

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