Tuesday, January 12, 2010


last hours of ancient sunlight
golden haze curling through the underpass
a moment, then gone
climbing the high marble steps
two at a time · toxic Acropolis
i remember far up the concrete slope
spotting a makeshift bed left
for the day
to the constant rumble of traffic

once that would have sufficed

Maxwell House and half and half
a cashier laughing
woodgrained formica
i should be glad now to serve
this government · as if mercy
had clyted at the top
and limbs obeyed

and to listen to some of the pundits
nothing can be done to save us
which tells me only
as i did not see before
these steps, this unsteady table
neither will i see
the day beyond
its panoplies and cataclysmic dawnings
to rise on an escalator
to the marble floors of desuetude

a chai truffle hovers

in any other time
except bound on the canyon train
i could exult in my team winning
like justice
had thereby prevailed
juror 66
with jurors one through one hundred twenty

instead i know
death by starvation cannot be imagined

Catadores. (via Momus)

Granular synthesis.

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