Tuesday, January 19, 2010

"Altruism in Vampire Bats"

not epiphenomenal
wheezily pining
with yet more pain to come

crown of impermanence
the right arm position
2 lanes closed ahead

but I can't trace Time
occurrence of a blurred mote
refrigerator condo lien

thirsty roses flow
yellow tape
where the railing's torn away

The set of languages that my poems move through is an atmosphere, and separate efflorescences of special vocabulary within a poem, are weathers.

"Zog in Protective Custody"

in he lithe quicksand
there is a turbid dance
from his desire
we shall be raised
and made liquid

not to be accomplished through daywork

from looth to looth
the fractured pilgrim never
with less than Gehenna to thole

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