Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Clyfford Still, 1947

   "The Lifting of the Curse"

You will be given a chance.
After so much lying, dark
the heraldry of witness
will reach a numbing threshold
and the green cutworm that flies

emissary of Rigel
or xylophone octopus
the mention of death
the music of patience

"The Explanation [of Obsolete Words] has thus some slight antiquarian interest, but it is chiefly remarkable for the strong suspicion under which Fulgentius falls of having faked his evidence." --Leslie George Whitbread, Fulgentius the Mythographer (1971)

Who is Ra Uru Hu?

Without Introduction. I priced it at $200.

The Pork Dukes. --$39.98 & $49.98 (for the yellow e.p.).

Seeing a DVD of this movie, i remember that when i first heard of it, i thought it was going to be about karaoke.

Poems for presidents. (The positive ones, that is.)

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