Friday, January 15, 2010

"The Great Saturn Spirit"

a pale squirrel on a dark branch
tug the thread pull the cord
the dust in the air pierced

lost in the rain shadow
follow the blaze of leaves
barium milkshake

the names indecipherable
amid moss of peace
bright marching songs

what i wrote what i wrote
with the gas gauge vertical
which is here a sign

sky clearing
'i head into
through array of still spatters

time malleable
is time conquered
the star made green

white noise broadcast
college football fervor
in the march to destruction

tree shanks splintered by lightning strikes
muddy flats
where the road veers into cryptic traces

i take you away

house to house search
the watch twinkling
on the white table
twelve weeks of night
warm cup cradled
and fool's fire
dilatory zarif
among the night's twelve fires


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