Thursday, January 21, 2010

"Hot Zombies"

in the snarky depths of Mordor
i met · a zingaree

who is on the Harley now,
you or Señor Snarleyyow?

do i raucous them Nintendogs
the maker's rage
    51 Pegasi b

Landscape of purposes; or if it's left, it's been left for a purpose. I want deserts, deserts, deserts, like silence after noise. Deserts.

"The "placeholder" strategy has taken hold in poetics blogging."

"Next Year in Ulan Bator"

the weakest force · bow
the altermodern fire stomp

troubled souls · friended
by exotic ailments

to get a econd chance

remember stars
of Baja

Gwyneth Jones blogs.

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