Friday, January 15, 2010

11. Reading out loud. Reading out loud by candlelight.

12, A speech community with a shared history has a use for poets. Members of a displaced community--but a different use. People who wish to imagine themselves part of a community. Do they need poets too? More?

13. The city is sign-noise but community-silence.

14. All the books in the world do not relate to one another. Not even all the books one person has read. Perhaps a few of those that are deeply remembered.

15. I encounter a new word and then wait for a chance to use it in a sentence.

16. I am an outsider to the extent that some in the words in a community stand for things i do not believe exist.

17. You can also share things that you refuse to acknowledge. Alcoholism, in a family; in a nation, war.

18. Much of the time the sky is not merely an ambiguous text, it is a text that awaits its next writing. To some poets poetry is not just a body of texts, it is this sky. This aspect of sky.

19. The community of people who refuse to acknowledge the skyness of poetry.

20. To others who deny your entire humanity, you are a text that does not get read. They run their eyes over it, but they are substituting something they think they already know. A sign, like a stop sign.

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