Tuesday, January 19, 2010

(pic by Luvz2Fly)

"Window and No Wind"

nearing the end of a habit's lifespan
what will come to take its place
panic's fruit and panic's nectar
jostling ratkins on the road
genial rainstorms lace the welkin
clusterfuck and bruise occult

acerb cashew in the gloaming
borax thirst and nether trails
leaves accelerate their bronze
taining napkins stiff with frost
genial rainstorms hoard their beauty
clusterfuck and bruise occult

"I suspect that system-makers, in general, are not of much more use, each in his own domain, than, in that of Pomona, the old women who tie cherries upon sticks, for the more convenient portableness of the same." --John Ruskin

I think my anthology is all fixed now. I didn't want it to cost so much, but i've set my profit at a penny each...

Mexican Pulp Art. --Every one a masterpiece!

Here's an evocative title: Ghost Towns of British Columbia...

Which reminds me--Seattle's Gasworks Park (my favorite place to hang out & write poetry in, when i lived there) has a photo gallery. Super-dieselpunk!!

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