Friday, January 15, 2010

"Predominant opinions are generally the opinions of the generation that is vanishing." --Sybil

   "A row of sherries

Like a thick row
Like a windy row
Like a monotonous row
His nature is still his
Frail is he who
   recognizes the rowing of the hair,
      the snow of the rib, the fright
      of his quarrels
In rowing he rows a
   row, waiting across his appreciation, frail
   from deference
This dun colored police has no velvet
   for anyone
He can hear the door
   of the spark
He does not see
   my dark, my snow, my air
These things flirt, soft, run, like
   frightened sherries
There are these indefinite days,
   beyond which a sailor glances itself
At midsummer he swims me
Even though dark is plashless, he
   has dark in
      his clover
Often running, surrendering, drawing bitterly
   at a frightened
      door "

--Robot X, 3181

"In Kogelo, where president elect Barack Obama’s paternal family is from, government and private interests are already working to brand the village as a tourist destination."

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