Thursday, January 21, 2010

George Shearing - Latin Lace

"The Wall Going Up"

fastest growing Netscape Irish Spring

chill; a thin crescent of pale sulfur

under the thousand spires of old Prague
Russian-made windup tin Godzilla
i devise a laser-cat charade
in the Sound Garden nary a sound
reason's just another dinosaur
in this light our decay seems beautiful

and i the hoür's rapt otaku

watch street & suburb fill with fine sand
top of the last crystal pyramid
monument to a joke repentence
and a future carved of softest gneiss

"...nothing would be more fruitless than to take Sade literally..." --Georges Bataille

A customer came in looking for this book. I was under the impression that it only existed in fiction!

Meanwhile--the Weimar Moment.

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