Tuesday, February 09, 2010

hardcore armchair comeback
shargar Oolb
your thing, dim
from nature

Taliban blog

annals of divestiture
pet dogs ignored
the sky's lack of color
an asset

bird silhouetted against the glare
with a raging cicada in his beak

to have power
in a pretend realm

meditating harm to fix a score
psychedelic dreams that live no more
and the effort drags you down
you enter ev'ry dawn
deeper in the passions of the mire

rain in late July as harpies scour
sense from words and sentences galore
but the traffic doesn't stop
the fall grows yet more steep
for one who hearkens glumly at the lyre

a white hot whisper
is the only spoor
or clue you can find
as angles confound

jittercracking twitter presence

golden Lotus at rush hour
my hand acting up

stars without makeup

Echoes and Reverberations. "You never forget the first time someone opens fire with an automatic weapon during one of your poems."

Exit Wounds.

"Positive psychology...is to the corporate state what eugenics was to the Nazis."

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