Thursday, February 11, 2010

"Ninth City"

fremd updates
precession Klesperanto
novecento spires garnish
each 9n3 φαλαγξ
and the chill is always more
than you remember
the smell of fresh-baked cookies
dark h mahogany tabletop
stained-glass terrapin
Dol2 DoJl2
in the very air
each sonar ping an asking
and the cracked echoes add
bronze, azure, and auroral rose
walking-hand horntoad
Trinity Mills Krystal
Kleiner Mann
what do we owe the sea
the sky
block by block noting the upended trees
torn away roofs
what sacrifice
is the epic a sacrifice
of "magnificent desolation"
and is the sea repaid
by building cephalopods

"In reality, I was living in poverty & asceticism in the money world, as do the masses who live in it. When you force yourself to do what you do not want to do, when you force yourself against nature, so you can get a paycheck, you are a self-torturing ascetic." (via Momus)

Paul Riddell collects some of his writings..."And for those who keep commenting about my perceived return to writing, rest assured that this is nothing but a blatant attempt to finance a new greenhouse."

Black Acid Co-op. (via Sharp Sand)

Looks like elephant artists have discovered imagery.

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