Thursday, February 18, 2010


a ship built outof warnings
gavurlar gvidi ragve
Tartarean consciousness
red plastic plate in the tensile lamplight
pinkblue chill
this time my door will open?
gloves you can button a button in
a button you can button with gloves on

the whine of a robot drone
brown crumbs
they call it "changeful"
they call it "measurer"
a ringing
within the ringing
there is no way to tell
the story i order but if
you show ev'rything at once
that is there

you have the story

so it was in that other dark sky
smear of a long dead squirrel

what we believe we cannot prove
the wind is high
the shore is on the move

The Archimedes Codex.

"Another story was about a meeting of top US atomic scientists at which, when Enrico Fermi has stepped out of the room, the others sigh with relief: 'Now, at last, we can speak Hungarian'."

Sin Sisamouth thread.

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