Thursday, February 11, 2010


outreach to the imbeciles
first step don't call them imbeciles

gunfire last night
no explanation today

constant drizzle
overhanging trees on this quiet street

we couldn't be bothered to think about
the puddles that would be made

books i require right now
from across the ocean

not what falls from the sky
but the wheel-thrown spray, that blinds you

stuck to my red pen-cap
part of an old pricetag i was removing

at some point my phone became my watch
what else

what makes the weak weak
each thinks they're an orphan

electronic sounds of a wilderness night
as a wave crawls down my windshield

if this were Berlin
would i love the same rain

Crowleyites despised
as a stage outgrown

give up the boycott
for a last minute panic purchase

Space Art thread at Centauri Dreams. David Hardy weighs in on Pluto.

"Today, over 30 systems comprising more than one planet are known (Wright et al. 2009), including seven triple systems, two quadruple systems (μ Arae (Pepe et al. 2007) and GJ 581 (M. Mayor et al. 2009, submitted)), and the quintuple system 55 Cancri (Fischer et al. 2008)."

Never Again thread.


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