Thursday, February 11, 2010

"Although Mr Eliot is reputed to have worked in a bank, it didn't help." -Kenneth Rexroth

early objects · sizzling with runners
hebdomedal · tsunami

that was then, this is next wek

Ialtera · three sepia
zirpu as H R Pufncraft a swift thorn
moodnust howl rhost falling into stuff
known to nobody
sort orts of hazaj Phyva
and Spazbot opal gnomon · 'mongst hogan

burning, historian; randy for a · ngoD
ngIm, comma
of Pythagoras blur us
la bivako so blanka · snout whirr
despair of the poet
that it doesn't matter what you write next
like the despair of the consumer
that they want for you
not to care anymore what you buy
so long as you do

in high summer
dogs digging at the doggie door

"It is our job to back up our claims as to why loyalty, obedience and purity can be taken to destructive extremes. Otherwise we ask them to obey our inscrutable demands through blind faith."

Map of Hate Groups. (via Metafilter) The Lone Star State has 66 of them.

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