Thursday, February 11, 2010

"Battle Between Carnival and Lent"

reH tay' tuqDaj je. lanzu
rust tiles kun a glazuro pala
from the skylight back

bale in / of SuD hay on a flatbed
manveturilo waiting
at its wov

school in front of the loud construction site dark
die work grope
end lungfish tightrope

if try i will outlive the
Great Barrier Reef

to wander
along golden miles · bIQ ngaS HIvje'

vidis dekunu stelojn kaj la sunon
kaj la lunon, mi

vidis ilin klinigxi antaw
· eleven planets now

the age progression photos (look!) at WalMart
solid state

mix tape · mi metas down upon sands scoil
a black and a pearl gray thread spetch

As usual, Tom Tomorrow gets it exactly right. (warning: Salon)

The Combat Paper Project. (via Truthout)

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