Thursday, February 04, 2010

black speckled blue
for a moment as the lid lifts

wearing an orange vest
watching the price of gas go up
frayed cloud snuggy
hidden under kudzu heaps
the time to hesitate is through

sweating in my gladiator
glove the color of cappuchino
more church steeples
under construction
in meat space
home of all my turnings
twitter from the other side
Ghayb bugbear
skatepunk scarab
reads these parkinglot fissures
flies and a tepid trickle
to wait without expectation
maybe some injuries smarting
lilac tyvek multiple arched galleries
now and then a sudden dip
this is Plano after all

the overtaxed motor throbs
a superior indigence
tableau replicates this half the room
so you might think it's a mirror
in which you are absent
people walk up in the store
and you have to dodge them
without any acknowledgement
and this is a weather
crawling out of the rubble
with visions of the lost towers still
Koran shadowed castaway
ino Djedi Haziz frolicsome
whose elapsed odes pale
like magnolia oolong at Javalato
.o'onai The small
birds converge, converge With their
gifts to a
difficult borning
DIbmey ru'Ha' mazarin cephalopods

Tank Man follow-up.

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