Tuesday, February 09, 2010

.igeni'i jinvi
kiam venos ilia
je smadi ckaji
limtempo ili ne povos
te munje gi munje
malfrui ecx unu momenton
nabo jimpe 2mna
kaj ili ankaw ne povos
DIb ru'Ha'
akceli gxin
off receive
no one comes to our aid
ink stomp of cold
where is this place where
incomprehensible leads and sheer winds
i bank nada, dank Nabi
coming desolation
nidor of sagas for Odin
sharp things and blown breaths
revolutionary cephalopods

"...we may learn humility from the luckless scholar who saw reason to approach the Linear B script by way of Basque, and eventually derived elegiac poems from what are now taken to be storehouse inventories." --The Pound Era

In Search of the Shape of the Universe. That's three major unsolved mathematical problems solved in my lifetime (that i know of): the Four-Color Theorem (1976), and Fermat's Last Conjecture (1995). I don't follow this stuff very much anymore (& i sure can't understand the equations), but it does interest me as a kind of analogue of poetry done, in this case, entirely through nonverbal thinking.

New Láadan website.

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