Tuesday, February 09, 2010

mullah talon mulligatawny
greenleaf and twitterfall
thunderduck money
Cuyahoga burning
hot vampires in love
Neda laden
with hist'ry expired

one trusts that the number of hits
counts for something
as a car carrier clanks
but en route
good (good) good migrations
where is this place where
no one comes to our aid?

theft of a play station
among the trusted youth
Iuj el vi estos
de la aliaj

A band so audible
that the prince balks

Por cxiu popolo estas difinita

time for the chilly glow
Nia puno venis sur ilin
Like a pilgrim,
Like a thing

nokte, aw kiam ili
dormis tagmeze

like cephalopods

Metafilter comes to my rescue. (Though it also gave me this.)

According to my (alas, unattributed--but most likely some recent issue of Astrophysical Journal--) notes, the radius of a terrestrial-type planet is the mass, raised to the power of X, where X is around 0.26-0.27 (e.g.). --For Gliese 581 d, at a mass of 7.7 times Earth's, that gives a radius of about 1.72 ⊕ and a surface gravity of 2.61±.05 ⊕. I figure four legs rather than two (centaurs?)--or even five.

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