Thursday, February 18, 2010

"...Deathward we ride in the boat
Like someone canoeing
In a small lake
Where at either end
There are nothing but pine-branches..."


"Enough of these Pretend Solutions"

fire burning for years
all we can see is the smoke

line of cars idling
to the unseen horizon
all of them angry

words start forming in
my mind like dew · speeding down
with trepidation
t'ward where the light had been out
i think: it's not raining yet

what do people do
when it rains so much
where it rains so much,
what do people do

watching clouds move
behind the yellow roof

the towers already
shrouded in gray

fires burning for years

a sword across the bed
between him and the easy way out

the conditions
under which we work

dracospiral zardpards
trapezohedral nemesis

aerial view of a neoclassical garden
hand-tinted engraving

on the wall of the dim
subterranean rotunda

i have added to this
forgotten library too

in the delicate engraving scenes
possibly of torture

Under the Overpass.

Jon Armstrong's blog. (He has read his whole book in a series of free podcasts, as well as made a short youtube video describing it.)

Making Cthulhu. (via Metafilter)

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