Thursday, February 18, 2010

"The situation is plainly impossible; the poem that speaks to it is plainly grotesque." --Kenner

"Elpenor Rigby"

Several lives ago the banded clouds
caused croquemort in my mind to blossom forth
and thence i wrote it down. The poet's mouth
departed, and those words became gold swords
of warlock. So we like to think at last
when all our orichalc dweomercraeft has gone
as far as down that road its clockwork can,
a vision akin to what we blithely lost
will return to us. That nano-fantasy,
alas, is not a trump we'll ever see.
But hark! what light from yonder mushroom-cumulus
splinters... Mark the sage vicissitudes
as recriminations from each urban tumulus
are lifted tenderly, and the dust puffed off.

New Colson Whitehead.

Disapproving Rabbits. (Should be the name of a band.)

I saw Grey compared to Bradley Denton's Wrack & Roll (i would've said David R Bunch)...

Four Colors Suffice.

Let Us Now Praise Awesome Dinosaurs. (via Goblin Mercantile)

"The world already ended in 2000...."

Three Distinctions that Need to Be Rethought and Abandoned. (fixed now)

Prof. Joan Slonczewski teaches a college class in sci-fi worldbuilding. (via alien life Blog)

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