Thursday, February 11, 2010

"...and weren't they lucky that it all took off in a pub called the Stonewall. Suppose you were compelled to say, 'Yes, I was there on the barricades of the Pig and Whistle'?" --Quentin Crisp, quoted in: When Surface was Depth

"Mists of Mercy"

browbeaten Capella oil
Dalek monogrammed nutmeg grater
what passes for peace
what passes for rest
black knives in the cold mountain air
the devil wears Praha
the world with or without us

overgrown paths in my mind-maze
the taste of olives the smell of fresh woodchips
driving without eyeshades
Capella oil
and the smell of wood chips

"A belief in free will meant, of course, that the caliph could no longer be relieved from the responsibility for his unjust deeds on the grounds that they were the result of the inexorable decree of God." --Majid Fakhry, A History of Islamic Philosophy (1970)

"...the Scheherazade Challenge..." AND: "[T]he LiveJournal platform I'm using is being wound down (it has a skeleton staff of 8 right now, I'm told)."

"...the shop that brought the cupcake craze to the Middle East."

"I come from a family of communist nudists."

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