Friday, February 19, 2010

"Bullets can terminally modernize an entire city in one night." --Negarestani


Put by thy days like withered flowers
In twilight hidden away:
Memory shall upbuild thee bowers
Sweeter than they.

Hoard not from swiftness of thy stream
The shallowest cruse of tears:
Pools still as heaven shall lovelier dream
In future years.

Squander thy love as she that flings
Her soul away on night;
Lovely are love's far echoings,
Height unto height.

O, make no compact with the sun,
No compact with the moon!
Night falls full-cloaked, and light is gone
Sudden and soon."

--de la Mare

Fatherland read by Colonel Klink! (thanx Pete!)

"Once people realize that the gods have no needs and that therefore there is nothing one can give them, the faithful can hope to influence the gods only by depriving themselves of something. Offering turns into sacrifice." --Arnheim

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