Tuesday, February 16, 2010

"Eat Right for Your Earlobe Shape"

black obstetrician
i will sell you the truck
i will sell you the explosives
here is the information
you requested
dart between cars
in a military coup
the roof of all evil
and very likely spoiled
in the long morning shadows

"No one is as disdainful of the early Victorians as the late Victorians used to be." --Adeline Adams

Philosophers Without Gods.

The Urban Dictionary tries to help me.

"Three wise men in a SUV..."

I have decided to start using a word coined by Paul Park (IIRC)--though otherwise undefined: heterocrania, for a quality i seek in my writing, & which corresponds to, in my painting, the style i have long used of "quasi-figurative surrealism". [This is also like "magnitevé": 'between ironic & serious'.] It will mean: between a thread & not-a-thread, of meaning. Not totally disjunctive, but only enough recurrence (of themes) to establish that something is continuing...

The Three Stigmata of Friedrich Nietzsche.

"These Satanists discovered they had to think strategically about darkness."


"It is precisely...corruption, pestilence and terror that must be investigated as the political ecosystem of our times..."

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