Saturday, February 20, 2010

"Eating Fast Food Mexican in the Car"

tactics in the endgame
tcati ritli
in the shroud of an endless rain

three kinds of TV
it's not like you're really stranded
as the blogs that you count on fold
their tents & steal away

woke up with five cats
i remember: questions of faith
and a lure flashing

customers talk
cats're marking you
as their own

has the rain stopped? no
the best we can do
is erase it here

i wish i had time
for another
in this Sogdian looth

where puddle touches puddle & the Empire
in decline is enough

from the cosmos berserk

"...there's a nice Portuguese word meaning to make the most of or take advantage--aproveitar...another nice human verb that English needs [is]--when you want to get out of an engagement, or dis-invite yourself--desmarcar." --Bishop, op cit

SPK & Systemic.

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