Tuesday, February 02, 2010

flooded ashtray floating
butts rusty

this weather fit
only for

"Unfortunately, the verses of the [Vandal-] African poets are almost all frightfully halting; as rule, they possess neither quantity nor metre. This is so often the case that one wonders if the mistakes were entirely involuntary, or if such marked and such frequent errors were not the result of a sort of system or affectation. It has been thought that the writers may have belonged to a particular school, which made a habit of disregarding ordinary rules because it had a special method of versifying, and that, for instance, accent was substituted for quantity. This is giving too much credit to the poor poets; as a matter of fact, they respected accent no more than metre, and composed false verses because they did not know how to write others. St Augustine admits that the Africans were absolutely ignorant of the quantity of Latin words, and that they did not distinguish long syllables from short. Therefore they were not very exacting; it sufficed if the
line which they composed, and which seemed to them a verse, terminated in something which resembled a dactyl or a spondee; they asked no more." --Gaston Boissier, Roman Africa (1899)

Tweenbots. (via Neojaponisme) "...Tweenbots are masters of amae, the art of childish, irresistible dependency."

"Nocturnal altars she inaugurates" --Geta

Save the Words. (via Knowbodies)

"Rats learn to drive in this book."

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