Tuesday, February 02, 2010

"The poets were like men preoccupied in conversation who happened to be passing through a riot in the streets, oblivious to the sound of doors being smashed down, the smoke of burning tenements, the shrieks of the injured, the crashing of stones ricocheting off walls, engrossed in a debate as to which metre was most suited to an epigram, interested in the latest gossip but ignoring the history of the world." --Aubrey Burl, Catullus (2004)

"New-Mown Grass Smell"

swine fluency

of antiseptics

the Lojban distances

"there's a difference
between shrinkage and

remember Sirius

what i don't understand is
beige linoleum with skidmarks
what i don't understand is


"(This record of 175 years makes the slow starts of Dickinson, Hopkins and O'Brien look like mayflies. I expect the record would be Quintilian's Institutio Oratoria which disappeared around 800AD and wasn't seen again until discovered by the great bookhunter, Poggio Bracciolini, in the year 1416 in a monastery in France)."

Ammo shortage. (via Dangerous Meta) Financial suicides. (via Supervalent thought)

"The middle in this sense doesn't offer a "solution" to anything : it is not necessarily a resolution, or even always "peaceful" : in Rose's terms, it is more like an agonistic arena."

Black- disley (2042)
1. Nh3 e5
2. f3 f5
3. e3 f4
4. d4 Qh4
5. Nf2 Bb4
6. c3 Be7
7. dxe5 Bc5
8. Qe2 d5
9. exf4 Bd7
10. g3 Qe7
11. a4 Nc6
12. Be3 d4
13. cxd4 Bxd4
14. Nc3 O-O-O
15. Bg2 Bf5
16. Ne4 Be6
17. Bf2 Qb4
18. O-O Bxf2
19. Rxf2 Nd4
20. Qf1 Bc4
21. Qe1 Bd3
22. Rd1 Nc2
23. Rxc2 Bxc2
24. Rxd8 Kxd8
25. Qd2 Bd3
26. Qxd3 Kc8
27. Bh3 Kb8
28. Qd8 mate

An Invigorating Vector of Intellectual Discovery.

"Why pretexts seekest thou, and bandiest
Thy bootless bickerings?" --Mooney's Hosidius Geta

Ecovore. (via Word Spy)

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