Saturday, February 20, 2010

"Glorious Glourious Appearanceing"

past moon drop
and the Devil wears purdah
kingdoms of squalor · destroy the grave
succumb to checkmate

you go on to break things in Indo-China
only the young die young and kamikaze
omits rehearsal
our castle

spiral the stern visit catafalque
spiralling in · you supply its word
an incomprehensible crumbling
in my reach forth from the citadel · swiftly
the glacial machines perish

ravaged clouds regard
turmoil fled

i am barbaric
in my instinct secrecy

from cliffs dared
the road's unthoroughfaresomeness bulks
as perennial snowfalls cease their descent
from whatever eminence
gathers the crystal
seed · though by now as well abandoned

are the owls
that glimmered & which drew me here & burned me
(toxic owls
of blue polyethylene)
with an undying
& most tragic fierce nympholepsy

Ngadjonji glossary. (via Metafilter)

On Bowie's iPod. (via iMomus)

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