Thursday, February 04, 2010


plum carpeting, a chill in the air
the red badge of zugzwang
ranid Talos
i don't have time to bleach
dandiacal knowing
the dark secret of this river

"Throughout its long history all over the world, lyric poetry has been less fanciful than fiction. A book of lyric poems is most often a collation of interpreted facts. Poetry's materials, its characters, objects, and events, its landscapes and cities, its mornings and afternoons, are far more likely to have been actual than fabricated. This means that poetry has been able to function quite directly as human interpretation of the raw, loose universe. It is a mixture, if you will, of journalism and metaphysics, or of science and religion." --Annie Dillard, Living by Fiction (1982)

Body Piercing Saved My Life. (via via SuperGee)

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