Friday, February 19, 2010

"Gorilla-Whales of Europa"

my spirit
battering at the walls like a moth
in a killing bottle

"All modes of urban warfare are monotheistic rituals." --Cyclonopedia

"Dachshund Homecoming"

pale steam rising,
the clouds dark behind it,
the sun peeping out behind that

Pulp cover gallery. (via supergee) Including this one:

"It’s been a rather apocalyptic-themed week: Russian hackers attack, the University of California is disentigrating [sic] under the weight of repeated budget cuts, and on Tuesday, I went to Los Angeles to film a segment for a History Channel episode describing how the Earth would fare in the sudden absence of human presence. My particular interview focused on what would happen to the geostationary satellites over a timescale of weeks to months to years. The filming was done at an abandoned hospital, which was one of the creepiest places I’ve ever seen."

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