Saturday, February 20, 2010

"Groin Gouge"

forward, into the afterglow
of the bonfire
of the humanities

capitalism will save us

with fallingdown pants

HD 1461c ("Balthazar"). In order not to hold a hydrogen atmosphere, this planet must have a density less than about 0.94 ⊕, which means its radius would be greater than 3.09 ⊕ & its gravity 2.9 ⊕. Using A= 0.65 and a Greenhouse Effect of 75, the average temperature of Balthazar ranges from -36 to 220 Celsius; in order for water not to boil at the latter temperature, air pressure needs to be 26.8 times ⊕. Note that since its total area is 9.56 ⊕, it would have more land than Earth even if its surface is 96.9% covered with oceans. I think Balthazar must be a very stormy place.

Shackled to the Trilithon. More.

Nôh plays about exoplanets.

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