Thursday, February 11, 2010

"Henry James made The Ambassadors out of chapters like pictures in a gallery, and when a publisher transposed two of them pure narrative sequence was so inconspicuously dislocated that no one noticed the eror for years." --The Pound Era

la tigro ne povas trovi
ian logxejn.
kial mi atendus
like black holes in the sky
logxejon por mi?
premium two sixty-six
the engine light
the engine light
this coalition is very frail
start again
yellow saffron promo receipt
this wouldn't have seemed cool earlier
but now it does
your litany
interspliced with mine
the baby brownshirts
aren't waiting for the end of this poem

The Secret Gospel of Mark Unveiled. "...a bitter academic, whose hoax stands as 'the most grandiose and reticulated "F--- You" ever perpetuated in the long and vituperative history of scholarship'."

"Like fire or the sea, he was too simple to be trusted." -Chesterton

The Game, scored. (via Silliman)

Where It's At.

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