Thursday, February 04, 2010

how clear and bright the jet glints
Glenneagle enneagram

bonfire of the animalcules
war without tears
in all its flatscreen glory

ooh look
a piece of plastic

hieratic head of Amanda Knox
Yggdrasil car tunnel
blanu nobli
a painting by Eisenhower
C P R dummy
no offer
drops of dew · lining a glass globe
operational globular larvae
operational globular larvae
ulna through sternum linebreak
the grass moving as one
on the slope of the levee
as we waited for the right wind
that would lift us
my mind full of acid aftereffects
and the steady undertow
of an unrequited love
like a color i'd no name for
bathing ev'rything
a day of dappled seaborn clouds ching
but the levee was dry
another time cracking acorns
with the convex base of a can
cracked just enough
to extract
without shattering
try not to think of the methane bubbles
at the bottom of the sea
in all our contingency plans
none spares a page for that one
King Harvest
Dancing in the Moonlight
lose count of the systems lapsing
put a good face on the shell collapsing
practice talking to the cameras
of the after-crisis
freezing our eggs
that would hatch cephalopods

Maybe One.

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