Sunday, February 21, 2010

Human activity is futile but it need not be trivial. Athletic competitions are trivial.

"In High Gondwanaland"

emit garret tatter
ragtime · i'm a devout
choleric · kiaugh filter
cobbled out of baubles
corpuscular philosophy
and maenad reboot
lunrycukla bedysla te
makfa simsa sonralkamni

from this vantage
in the blitz
in the blitz margins
felspathic mentat
the hanging space heaters
in the temporary portable classroom
make a roar · but little heat
church incense
hidden folded in the icy air
fountain crackling
cerulean sky & deep shadows
the dead grass frosted
kid falls from a bus
potted bare saplings in the morning sun
in unison · glowing
burning log
and amber glow
missionary imposition
to hear my car breaking apart
pink Hello Kitty backpack
on the sidewalk
old man in urban camo
poring over the secondhand records
the shadowed canyons Downtown
and with the tops of the towers in light
monstrum monstruosum per monstrum monstruosiorem

the darkening ecliptic
the davening chull

Lakewood. Aranjuez. Mutability.
Blue otchkies. Cessnas crashing.
Utterly. And bitterly.
Cobalt green. Crashsound regnant.
Plywood-windowed storefronts.
Siren from where. Utterly.

the city melts like spun sugar

Adagio. Islands of adagio.
Relict snow. 51 Pegasi c.

Freud--the film. More.

Music from the Golden Triangle. Also.

The Crystal Text.

Transit of HD 80606b.

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