Thursday, February 04, 2010

"I saw the window spread its wings a white heron stop

each feather a corridor into the many-storied structure drawing itself skyward stop

the further its remove the more distinct the opening of each pinion stop

just as the past sees more exactingly than this instant in its temporal imprisonment stop

just as looking up through an oak's openwork dome is a kind of falling stop

nothing in the room need foreshorten into perspective stop

not distractions with their complicated nests of stolen fabric stop

not the beating of wings but one wash of the wing my head wrenched back stop

nothing that simply appeases will ever mean vision again to me please advise"

-Rusty Morrison, The True Keeps Calm Biding Its Story (2008) [the original is right-justified]

"There was more than one Faust." --George Monbiot, Heat (2007)

Dirt Worship.

Poem for the Rooftops of Iran. (via Harriet Blog)

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