Friday, February 19, 2010

"The LBJ Moment"

a whirling dormant
above the heads of the town
toxic storm

we have all the pellscryven time in the world
to ferret out the consequent rune
raghmoH in the sand

occasionally addictive
death's hajji

In the car i tune into Diane Rheem (sp?); they're discussing what to do about the economy. With some dismay it dawns on me how many conservatives there are among the pundits. Then she reads an email which says the listener is displeased at the "timidity" of the solutions being offered, "even by the only liberal..." and at how they will mention the Great Depression without one word about the New Deal--that successful employer of men & builder of public works--; & notes how our present infrastructure is inarguably crumbling.

That's what i would have said, i think.

But the first answerer starts out in a heavily condescending demurral, & in that instant i would cheerfully hurl a M-l-t-v c-ckt--l into that newsroom. Of course the ruling elite believes it isn't possible. That just happens to be NOT TRUE--!

I punch up some Bollywood.

"Gojiro Crystal Commandment 27: 'The Evolloo covers Fate like paper covers rock, like rock smashes scissors.' " --Mark Jacobson, Gojiro (1991)

"It is a contrast to the Dan Abnett-House Style with its over-the-top Space Gothic. Reminiscent of Lovecraft, Huysmans, and Lautreamont."

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