Saturday, February 20, 2010

"Lego Rasputin"

an oyster was in love with the moon
what is Umbrism?
T206 Wagner v. Nietzs-
Che lives
the runes of the sea
dishes washed in the near dark
Santa in a white suit

would the whirling stop?--the whirling
of which he was so much a part
that he could not imagine otherwise,
as a sky, without the color of that sky

take a rowboat out
to the middle
of the Pacific Ocean

What can the lip
do without arm to silence?

Black Smoke.

Three good things in 2009: Melanie graduated from SMU, Obama was sworn in as president, & i discovered Speculative Realism, after i'd thought for 25 years that philosophy was dead.

Three not so good things in 2009: the war didn't end, the economy went into free fall (& the government bailed out the wrong people), & the healthcare plan we ended up getting is a sorry compromise that probably means the chances now for a single-payer Canadian-style system are nil.

"There is absolutely no reason that Sarah Palin, Lou Dobbs, Glenn Beck or even Ted Nugent could not become president."

Happy New Year!

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