Tuesday, February 16, 2010

"Letterman's Secret"

hidden pale in ant dark
the wholly useless fact
new pains
certainly i intended to
not that much
dark turquoise sky
phosphorus fluoride
into bromide
mercury fluosilicate life
just too strange
slowly nothing
mercury climbs to five hundred seventy
chi one Sagittarii
greenish white star third planet

A very old idea of mine: i always felt that odd numbers were angular, and even numbers rounded; so that '1', '3', '5', and '7' were good representations of one, three, five, and seven. Likewise '2', '6', '8', and '0'. But it bothered me that '4' was four, and '9' nine. I felt that consistency would be better served if they were the other way around.


Communiqué from an Absent Future. (via archive: s0metim3s)

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