Tuesday, February 16, 2010

"Tourism is sin, and travel on foot virtue." --Werner Herzog

"Anne Frank Sex Goddess"

into the foul cold air
nocturnal altars she inaugurates
a worm across monogrammed bricks
the shisha redemption. Houellebecq wept.

i had a prime time view of a real miracle
into the foul cold air

"It bears mentioning, of course, that Death Magnetic also marks the end of Metallica's major-label contract. So what does the future hold?

'At the expense of looking like some kind of fucking asshole, I'm not gonna answer that question,' [Kirk] Hammett says with a laugh. 'There might not even be a record industry five years from now. There might not even be a CD format anymore. Everything might go directly to our cell phones. Who fuckin' knows, man?" --Dallas Observer 9-24-09

"People in Hollywood remembered [Fritz] Lang cackling when he learned von Harbou had been reduced to collecting bricks from Berlin rubble. Yet her interrogation papers point out that, at age fifty-seven, she would have been exempt from this back-breaking work: Von Harbou had volunteered."

Turist Ă–mer Uzay Yolunda.

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