Thursday, February 04, 2010

"Pictures of Nietzsche"

this shell of relative order
sjambok oxter
replace my eyes with cool jewels
the honeysuckle-fragrant night
its cephalopods

At one point Okrent (In the Land of Invented Languages) essays to translate into Lojban this sentiment of Borges: "It is clear that there is no classification of the universe not being arbitrary and full of conjectures. The reason for this is very simple: we do not know what thing the universe is." I came up with roda poi te munji zo'u da jivykai je smadykai .ini'i sa'u na munje jimpe falo remna, though perhaps a native [jbejbo] Lojbanist might simplify this to jinvi je smadi le te munji .i na jimpe.

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