Thursday, February 04, 2010


lost scriptures of cagmag purled
about one blue twinkle
sex scene with basketball
kvazaw kameralon
Varg gravitas
jumpin'-est Ralston
taH pagh taHbe'

la soldato nekonata
the Taliban have morphed
Libereco Dawranta
sugar gliders as your new pet
is little use against

munje fi le xomei

gray clouds
gray cephalopods

"What Sappho conceived on one occasion on Mitylene is gone beyond reconstitution; the sole proof that she ever conceived it is a scrap from a parchment copy made thirteen centuries later; on an upper left-hand corner learning assisted by chemicals makes out a few letters; in Berliner Klassikertexte, V-2, 1907, pp. 14-15, type stands for those letters with perhaps misleading decisiveness:

ΔΗΡΑΤ .[...
ΓΟΓ'ΓΥΛΑ .[... the beginnings of a dozen more lines: very possibly, so modern editions indicate, the irst aorist of the verb to raise (conjecturing ηρ α), and a word unknown, and the name of a girl of Sappho's. Or you can remember from Alcaeus and Ibycus ηρ, the contraction of springtime, and derive the unknown word from δηρος, too long, and write

Too long......

heading the little witticism 'Papyrus' and printing it in a book of poems called Lustra as an exemplum for resurrection-men. And wait decades for someoe to unriddle it." --Hugh Kenner, The Pound Era (1971)

"It is with sad irony that the company which invented "planned obsolescence" -- the decision to build cars that would fall apart after a few years so that the customer would then have to buy a new one -- has now made itself obsolete."

"...there is an element of truth in the argument that the recession has opened a space which we aren't necessarily filling with a viable vision of the future, but I wonder if that's more to do with the vacuity of the media, old and new, and the necessary length of time it takes to construct a new politics or new forms - we can't just wish them into being." (via Beyond the Beyond)

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