Thursday, February 04, 2010

"Epic Writ on Chinese Ghost-Paper"

sivyj welkin o'er
the blind depot
the blind despot
"Dilbeck" sign knocked down
& lies there sev'ral days

beneath this bowl we call the Economy
beetles full of gears evoke
'learning assisted by chemicals'
kitten who thought he was a mouse
dum pesttempo

the epic three-way battle between good
and evil and mediocrity continues
as does that between cetaceans
and cephalopods

"It seems to be about the time of Coleridge that we begin hearing poetry identified with what cannot be translated, a notion which would have puzzled Chaucer and Dr Johnson alike." --Hugh Kenner

"Who releases essay collections by big-brain philosophers and Yale professors aimed at the average Stargate geek?"

A Brief History of the Paradox.

9 gas-saving driving techniques. (via Rebecca Blood)

I am to Langpo as a Sufi is to Islam.

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