Thursday, February 04, 2010

Shallot ayatollahs
in cobalt green
the place where i put a word i wanted
to remember & now has vanished
Aldebaran & the Hyades
in another realm
other enemies
no true mirror on the market
only in the underground
for the experience
a legendary dissolution
not to coincide
the place i put a word
burning desert
if you like burning deserts
the future is for you
the galvanized bucket sweats
under the trees i rested
holding a duster
and a hat of straw
my strategy evaporated plumb out of
the game
looking back on steps
that walked across quicksand years
fields of serrated knives
skies of falling shot
and herds of wild cephalopods

MeFi thread with links on "Gothic Belly Dancing".

"There are never enough poets, but we're saturated with poems." (via Lime Tree)

"Poets war against the anthology, but it always wins." --Bill Knott

Fake Iran election tweeters. (via Silliman)

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