Tuesday, February 02, 2010

"Spider Whores"

for everything else there's
Navy SEAL sniper fire

triobligi · pull rabbits
out of tan fedora

if this halcyon · pirate
kingdom · if this cantrip

for everything janken
for the sherds i reclaim

Snaiad. (broken link)

Vinyl Revival thread.


Moldy Goldies by Jubilation B. Johnson and His Mystic Knights Band.

"Making memorably witty verse was a sign of padeia, that key word of the [Severan] age which means displaying one's breeding in the way one walks, sings, eats, writes, and so on." --Simon Swain, intro to Severan Culture (2007)

   "GRANT PROPOSAL (Category: Performance Arts)

I want to go out each day at noon and stand
On top of our Capitol's highest highrise,
Where aircurrents stack, where storms restore themselves,
Where the crossroads of sky are swept by radar,

Up there, buffeted, stand, cupping in my hands
A gleam of gold-dust, a handful of gold-dust
Doled out to me each day by our State, by you
The modest mandarins of its Arts Council,

Trustees all, you whose grace I must stand for there
And being thus empowered begin to pour
The gold-dust back and forth, pour it in sifts from

Hand to hand until the wind has left my palms
Bare, please note that length of project will vary
Daily, at noon, and not one grain remains."

--Bill Knott

"I had heard that the bankers spent $1B to get rid of this iconic piece of learning from the Great Depression; she confirmed it."

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