Tuesday, February 09, 2010

a taking moon
into the haunted decades
stab basiji sabbats

Dunst and Durkin green balloon
in the shadow of the parked cars
in the red sea
in the red sea
because our music tastes
like hair and fingernails in the grave
haven't stopped growing
heat creeping rigid/
bloom nonlinear
gravity Usk
li repixa moonwalk not
"but in this ever-changing
labyrinth we live in"
There were those creatures

like the sunshine counting an eye

the fuzzy end of the dipstick
crunk perfidulo
am i really not building a peak oil survivor kit

like the sunshine counting an eye
with afterblots
Chapter 13 Theorem
(or simply

with a butcher knife
those supernumerary-tentacled cephalopods

"...I now believe there are over one--and maybe even two--million organizations working toward ecological sustainability and social justice." --Paul Harken, Blessed Unrest (2007)

"The interesting thing is that coming out atheist can be much harder than coming out gay." (via Supergee)

"You wonder how the landlord cashed those checks."

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