Saturday, February 20, 2010

"Tales of Exemplary Dogs"

aboulia cilia filioque
i talked to them awhile
suppurating curtains
under the rubble

your stuff stacked out front
the door chained shut
the stretch limo coasts
to a stop at the five star rest'rant

my hands softening
in the hard water · in this flat place
a brand new birthday card
shredded unsent

these shoes used to turn water
metallic trek joy
but not anymore

a brand new birthday card
a jet my clerk toil
shredded unsent

a bereavement
joke melts clarity
have lost the great outdoors
a lyric elk met jolt
shard of a whirling wisdom

a jerky comet lilt
before cars had computers

frozen at freezing
metrical jet yolks
crystal do them desert

i couldn't get to the end of
before they changed · how many
have you deactivated
eight thousand seventy three
i've deactivated disarmed
eight thousand seventy three poems

[A] farewell to the 1990s vampire subgenre.

puSlogh vagh again. (His home page is pretty interesting too...guess i'm not the alpha prosody-geek anymore!)

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