Saturday, February 20, 2010

"The Trials of Lorenzo"

sound of rain
heard from in the dark kitchen
fluttering deafly · babies' ricochet shows
fluorescent light bulb
in front of me on the table stored
how long i can't remember
are you sure?

"I guess my coming-out as a Scottish American really started last year... Mainly, it's the relief of feeling visible. For so long I've projected the burden of otherness, of having a race at all, onto others, as if my mix of ethnic origins somehow matters less than that of someone who could be labelled 'of color'."

"Thus often our belief, our creed, seems like some simplified abstraction to people who can no longer use their senses, a way of going to a country by not going, but by staying at home and buying a book of maps. Then you tell people who also stay at home looking at maps that they are not getting anywhere because they have the wrong directions." --Robert Lowell, op cit

(via Highland Web Works)

How We Designate Planets Nowadays.

51 Pegasi b.

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